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My name is Maja. I am a Norwegian who grew up in the cold north with the snow and northern lights dancing in the sky, during the cold & beautiful months of winter. Which inspired the name for Little Frost & Co. I met the love of my life 10 years ago. Who happened to be a Kiwi and military. Long story short. We got married, moved from Norway to Wales where we welcomed our beautiful daughter in 2017 and now we have ended up in New Zealand.

After moving to New Zealand I realized Baby Nests and certain other nifty baby items I was used to weren’t a huge thing here. So I decided after a little while to try and make my first ever baby nest back in 2019 after some much help and guidance from my sister in Norway.
And the rest is history. After making over 70 nests over the last two years I decided it was time to open a website with a good collection of baby and kids items I’ve found to be extremely useful as a mother myself.

My only motto as a parent: Parent smart. Not hard.
And the thought behind all the products I offer here at Little Frost & Co is that they have a proper useful purpose, rather than just being beautiful and cute.
Last but not least: I LOVE different styles and find beauty in the most quirky things. Therefore you’ll see the style of Little Frost & Co is not dominated by current trends. But a good collective mixture of different styles and fabrics.